Higher Education

Replace your traditional textbooks with MindEdge's online, accessible, customizable, and fully integrated webtexts. Your students will pay less and get more including printable and trade paperback options, a mobile app, and podcasts.

Adopting a MindEdge webtext gives your students access to engaging and interactive online content. It's easy, customizable, and learners will pay less for their textbook!

How it Works:

  • You determine which MindEdge webtext best suits your course.
  • You collaborate with MindEdge to create a customized version of that webtext.
  • The webtext is integrated into your school's learning management system.
  • Your learners seemlessly access their webtext via desktop or mobile devices.

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Features include: Videos, Case Studies, Games, Adaptive Learning, Assessments, and Discussion Forums

MindEdge offers the following webtexts titles and can customize programs to meet your learning objectives and maximize student success. Click on any title below to read more.

The webtexts marked with the Course contains adaptive in the table below contain adaptive learning segments.

The courses marked with * are aligned with College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) standards