MindEdge's Human Growth and Development Learning Resource

MindEdge's Human Growth and Development learning resource examines how major psychological theories relate to human cognitive, physical, and social development across the life span. Students will explore human development as it relates to topics such as language, perception, intelligence, personality, and emotions. The course reinforces learning by engaging students with the material through a variety of games, videos, interactive exercises, quizzes, and other engaging content.

This modular course can be tailored to your school with webtexts, ebooks, and optional trade paperbacks available. It seamlessly integrates into all learning management systems.

MindEdge's Human Growth and Development content enhances skills in:

  • Understanding basic terminology and concepts of the discipline
  • Analyzing ways in which developmental theories are used to understand human behavior and development

This learning resource contains a diagnostic pre- and post- assessment for each module, a comprehensive final assessment, as well as thirteen modules:

  1. Theories of Development
  2. Research Methodologies
  3. Biological Development Throughout the Lifespan
  4. Perceptual Development Throughout the Lifespan
  5. Cognitive Development Throughout the Lifespan
  6. Language Development
  7. Intelligence Throughout the Lifespan
  8. Social Development Throughout the Lifespan
  9. Personality and Emotions
  10. Learning
  11. Work, Leisure, and Retirement
  12. Atypical Development
  13. Death and Dying